Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

Aseimme 68 FLESH AND 'SAIRIT, &C. (smug. Iv. flesh warring in them. I would say, therefore, with compassion to . such humble and doubting souls, . while you are inhabitants in flesh, and your sanctification is imperfect, you will not have perfect peace, there will ever be some enemies within, for you to conflict with; and this inward :mar, this battle with flesh and blood, with self and sin, will by no means prove that ye are utterly: unsanctified : No it will rather give you some reasonsto hope, that there may be a principle of holi- ness wrought in you, because you find a resistance against the flesh : especially if you experience also a zeal,and hatred against every rising iniquity. The most holy soul in this life, can never prevent all the motions of irregular appetite: and the best of christians have much ado to curb and suppress some sinful affections which spring from this mortal body. The. chiefest of saints had reason to complain, that he was too often led captive by the law of sin in his members; Rom. vii. 23. It is true indeed, if we were completely sanctified, if our spirits were entirely holy, they would constantly and effectually resist all evil motions and appetites of the flesh, so that they should not bring forth the fruits of iniquity and guilt : But where this resistance is not always effec- tual, yet if it be constant and sincere, and flow from a real hatred of sin, there the heart is renewed, and the spiritual life begun. Let trembling christians therefore be encouraged, though they may find many vexing fer- ments of the flesh, and disquieting passions sometimes stirring within them; let them not cast away their hope, but let them rather rejoice in the promises .of the cove- nant, and go on daily to cleanse themselves, by the aids of divine grace, fromall filthinessofflesh andspirit, and toperfect holiness in the fear of Göd, 2 Cor.. vii. 1. Remark III. What bold and impious folly are those guilty of, who give a loose to all the appetites and lusts of the flesh, under a pretence that it is their tempér and constitution leads them to it ; that it is their nature in- clines them t© riot in all luxury and wantonness ; and that they do but follow the leadings of nature ? I would reason a little with persons of such a profligate character, if they have not renounced reason as well, as religion. i. Consider, sinners, whether you are not under.a 1