Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

80 THE SOUL DRAWING NEAR î0 GOD. [SER9I. V. mate viewofevery outward and inward wound, we should acknowledge their stroke was heavier than their groan- ing ; and especially when God is in such a measure ab- sent from them too, that they are at a loss, as Job was, how they should come at him or converse with their heavenly Father : then their souls break out into vehe- ment desires, O that I knewwhere I might find him ! A child of God, who is wont to maintain a constant and humble correspondence with heaven, does often re- ceive such sensible influences of instruction and comfort froth the throne of grace, that he is led on sweetly in the path of daily duty, by the guiding providences of God, and by the secret directions of his Holy Spirit. He finds divine pleasure in his morning addresses to the Mercy- seat, and returns to the throne in the evening with joy in his heart, and praise upon his tongue. He has some- thing todo with the great God, in a way of humble de- votion, in all his important concerns; but if God retire and withdraw from him, he feels and bemoans the divine absence, and his heart meditates grief and complaints; and when at the same time he is pressed with other bur- dens too, he breathes after God with a sacred impa- tience, and longs to know where he may find him : then says the soul, " O if I could but come near to the seat of God in my addresses to him, I would order my cause before him, and fill my mouth with arguments." This brings me to the doctrine, which shall be the subject of my discourse. Observation. When a christian gets near the seat of God in prayer, he tells him all his sorrows, and pleads with him for relief. In discoursing on . this doctrine I shall consider four things. I. Howmay we knowwhen a soul gets near to God in prayer or what it is to get near the seat of God. II. What are the particular subjects ofholy converse between God and the soul. III. Why such a soul tells God all his sorrows. IV. How he pleads with God for relief. First, Howmay we know when a soul gets near the seat of God in prayer. I answer, there will be some or all these attendants of nearness to God. _.