Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

S$RM, V.] TAE SÖtYL DRAWING NÉÄP. TO GOD. 91 that arise from philosophical and intellectual notions, that are superior to the pleasures'of sense; but the plea- sure of being near to God in devotion, far transcends all these. Animal nature, at such a season, may be worn out, and faint and die 'under it ; but the mind is not wearer. It is possible for divine - transports to rise so high as to bieák this feeble' frame of flesh, and dissolve it; and, there havebeen instances ofpersons that have been near to a dissolution of mortality under the power of divine extacies : but the soul has: not been faint, has felt no weariness. There are at such a season most pleà:surable thoughts ofheaven ; there are some bright glimpses of that blessed state when a christian attains this nearness to God'; for heaven is a state of nearness to God everlasting and un- interrupted ; not are the blessed inhabitants of that world ever weary of their company or their business and thus, when there is any thing a-kin to heaven brought down to the saints in this mortal state, they know it can- not be uninterrupted and perpetual; and therefore there is a desire of frequent returns of such seasons as these are,, while they are here on earth. And as Christ, thé bridegroom, speaks to his saints in the language of Solo- mon, " Let me see thy face often, my spouse, my be- loved, let me hear thy voice," Song ii. 14. and viii. 13 So the saint says to his God at such a season, " O may I often see thy face in this manner, may I often hear such a voice as this is from thee, for I know not how to live without it. Flee, my beloved Saviour, and make, haste to a speedy return, and let there be an unin- terrupted and everlasting converse between God and my soul." Lastly, There is at such a season oftentimes a pouring out of the soul before God with some freedom in the gift, as well as the grace of prayer. Mere sighs and groans are for persons at a distance; but when we get near to God, we speak. to him even in his ear; and the heart is full; and the tongue overflows. I grant there may be the spirit of prayer assisting a poor soul that cannot get near to God, but still cries :after him when he is hidden, and expresses itself only in vighs and in groans unutterable; so the apostle tells us,