Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

IOC Tn.E PR.ICITICAL L' SES [SERM. XXXVI. turn trembling and hoping in the merit of that everlast- ing atonement, and wait for restoring,grace. Or, am I endeavouring to yalk closely with my God, in all the duties of holiness, but daily infirmities break out, daily follies and guilt attend me? I make sore complaints indeed, because of the perpetual work- ings of indwelling sin; ,yet I will not. despair.` I love the word of God, and I read it to keep me from sin- ning : But St. John assures we, " if any man sin through the weakness of nature, and the prevalence of daily temptations, we have an advocate with the Father, even Jesus the righteous," 1 John ii.' 1, 2. And he is an ef- fectual Advocate, because he is a propitiation for our ,sins; and he pleads in the virtue of his own blood. O mayI ever maintain a constant exercise of faith on the Son of God, as mygreat Iligh-priest ! J\fay I keep up a lively and delightful sense of the all- sufficiency of his atonerirent upon myspirit, that this, which is the glory of Any religion, may also be the daily life of my soul." II. This . doctrine of atonement for sin, should be used as a powerful motive to excite repentance in every heart where sin bath dwelt. Repentance and forgiveness are joined together in the commission of our exalted Saviour, Acts y. 31. Grace is a sweet and constraining motive to duty. There is abundant encouragement for sinners to repent and mourn before God for their past transgressions, because the blood of Jesus has provided pardon for them. 1 John i. 9. " If we confess our sins, God ,is faithful to his own word, and just and. true to his Son Jesus, to forgive such offenders, and his blood will cleanse us from our sins." The fallen angels are not called and encouraged by divine mercy, to repent of their heinous rebellions; for there is no Saviour, Mere is no atoning sacrifice provided for them. Reflection. " And is there such an atonement made? And are there such pardons provided for such guilty st retches as I have been ? Is God reconciling .himself to men, and reconciling men to himself, by the blood of Jesus? Then let my soul mourn for all her follies, all her past iniquities. Let, me be covered with shame, and lie in the dust at the foot of God. G let him speak peace and forgiveness to me, through the blood of Christ. I remember myguilt, and am confounded, and