Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

Ito THE PRACTICAL USES [SEAM. XXXVI. It is Christ that died, yea, rather has risen again;" as a complete conqueror over death. And is not Christ thy Head, .thy Redeemer, and the Captain of thy salvation ? " Let me call to minci the solemn seasons of transac- tion between Christ and my soul. Have I not resigned myself to him as an all-sufficient Saviour, to deliver me both from the guilt and the power of every sin ? Have I not trusted in the blood of hisatonement, and felt the quickening power of his Spirit as the fruit of his blood ? Has he not raised me to a new Iife ? What if the mortal body must die, because it has sin in it, yet my spirit shall live because Christ is my righteousness. Fear not then, Omy soul, but go chearfully through the gates of death when he calleth thee. Jesus has taken aWay the. terrors of that dark passage. He has deprived death of its sting, and sanctified the grave for a sweet sleeping place. Awaken all the powers of thy faith, and triumph over the conquered enemy. The justice of God is become thy friend, and death can do no mischief to the friends of God, reconciled by the blood of Jesus. Look forward and behold thy great Fore-runner ready to introduce thee into the presence of " his Father and thy Father, his God and thy God," with exceeding joy.. Bid a joyful farewel to flesh and sense, those busy tempters ? fare -, wet to time and this world, and all things that are not divine and holy. Turn thy back oh all visible objects, close thine eyes with a smiling countenance, forget earth for ever, and enter into the heavenlymansions." XI. The view of Christ as our propitiation, is not only a safe defence against the terrors of death, but it is a di- vine allurement toward the upper world. There lives our dear Redeemer, our blessed and beloved Lord, who ransom our souls fromsin and hell. There he reigns on the throne as king of glory, who once hung on the cross as our sacrifice of. atonement : The Lamb of God in the midst of the throne, with the signalsof his death upon him, The sight of these signals shall open all our, springs of love : Joy, love, and gratitude shall fill the de- departed spirit: As soon as we ,are absent from the body, we 'are present with the Lord who died for us. Reflefztion. ". O happy day and. happy hour indeed, that; hall finish the long absence of my beloved, and glace me within sight of my adored Jesus ! When shall