Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

114 THE CHRISTIAN'S TREASURE, iSERM. XXXVII. notice, that the apostle's first design here, is to sheIV that believers need not be so fond of assuming to them- selves a peculiar interest in one minister or another, fur they may enjoy the gifts of all ; «all are for their sakes :" And from this single hint he rises high into the privileges of the saints. Not ministers only, as Paul and Cephas, are designed for their benefit, but all are theirs: All things in heaven or earthy in time, or in eternity, are appointed to do some service to them. This therefore I take to be the true sense of my text, viz. " That all things in the creation of God, all things it all his vast dominions, which a christian can Or shall at any time have to do with, shall as certainly serve to promote his true interest, and his final happiness, as though he himself had, sovereign dominion over them, or present possession of teem:" Always supposing that the christian maintain his character, and act in his sta- tion becoming the dignity of his holy and heavenly call - tngThe plain meaning of the words is,, that "all things shall work for the good of the saints." But the apostle chuses to express this in a noble manner here, and by such an exalted figure of speech as aggrandizes the cha- racter of the saints, and raises their dignity: And there- fore he represents them as having a property in all things, and speakssublimely of them, as though they were pos- sessors of heaven and earth. Now the ground on which he builds this manner o'f speabing, may be set in a just and easy light. We can properly be said to possess nothingbut what turns to our accqunt, that is of some service or advantage to us and therefore in the common language of life, we say, Concerning a rich covetous man,. " he is a poor wretch, he has nothing, because he receives benefitfrom se small 4, part of his' estate : And in truth, he has no more than he enjoys or uses." Now the true christian reaps the be- neat OA. things; and God, the Great God, thePosses- sor of heaven á).ßd earth, makes all things work together for the benefit of his people ;. and in. this sense it is that All things .are theirs. All things shall turn to their advantage, either, 1. for the support and comfort of their temporal life ; or, M. for The beginning and improvement of their spiritual life; 4