Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

I1$ '$fII.T CIIáIS`I[A2893 TREASLIRE. CS$RM. XXXYII. isdesigned for the conviction and salvation ofyour souls. Can tie thunder like the voice of God on mount Sinai, and flash the terrors of the law, like lightning, upon your consciences? It is to awaken you out of your car- nal slumber and security in sin, to make you fly from the wrath to come, and cry out, " What shall I do to be saved?" Can he set the blessings of salvation in a glorious and convincing light? It is to persuade you to accept them. Has he the art of striking the passions, and touching the inward springs of the soul ? Can he spread the invitations of grace before you, in alluring language? Canhe dissolve his thoughts in the tender- est accents of speech, and moisten his words with his tears? It is all designed as a means, in the hands of the Spirit, to melt your hearts to repentance, and to soften your souls to receive the impressions of the gospel? Has he the holy skill of displaying the glories of our blessed Saviour? Can he set off the miracles of his life? Can he talk of his bleeding and his dying love in the most affecting manner ? Can he paint him in the honours of his resurrection, his triumph and his exalted state, in most magnificent colours ? It is all for the assistance of your faith, the kindling of your love, and the ad- vancement of your joy. Not Paul only, but Apollos is yours. Is Cephas or Peter a man of boldness and courage to defend the truths of the gospel, or to speak for Christ amongst infidels? It is to lead you onward as the sol- diers of Christ, through the midst of dangers, and to encourage you to face the persecuting world bravely in the profession of the cross. Or is the character of Cephas, as an instructor of the young, and a condescending preacher to babes? He has this talent given him for your sakes too, to feed you, while you were babes in Christ, with the sincere milk of the word, to set beforeyou the first principles of the ora- cles of God, and assist you to imbibe the, rudiments of christianity, before you were fit to receive the more ex- alted doctrines, and be fed with stronger meat. Thus not only Paul and Apollos, but Cephas is yours. All the, officers in the church, both ordinary and ex- traordinary, are appointed for your sakes. It is for you that Christ ascended on high, and gave gifts to men.