Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

Ils THE CARISTrAN's TR AgvRt. ESAR61. xxxvtf. brighter or paler beams, to light you onward in year way to glory. The morning breaks for you to give you day- light, that youmay work for God : And the evening spreads its long thick shadows over the nations, to deter- Mine a time for your repose and ,refres?rmeft. The darkness and the light are yours, during your continu- ance in the flesh. When all your work here is done, these lower " heavens shall be folded up like an old gar- ment, as a vesture shad theybe changed ; they shall flee away and be nomore. . Survey the trees and the fields, how they bring forth food for you. The beasts of the earth grow and are nourished for your conveniency; they were born and live, and die for your support and nourishrnent. The winds blow to purge the air for you, and to keep it wholesome, while God has appointed you to breathe in it. 'Tree fountains bubble, and the rivers flow, to quench your thirst. Flax and wool areordained for your cover- ing, and the silk-worm is set to his shining task, that Some of your garments -rna.y be soft and easy :" " The beasts of the earth are at peace with you, and you ate in league with the stones of the field," .d©h v. q3. O happy and glorious state of the children of God! Christ, in his providential management of ail things in this world, has a chief regard to his own ,people.- The wicked ofthe earth who dwell among the saints, come í''f'or a share of the common good things of life, chiefly,. as they are instrunsents of the providence of Christ, for some known or unknown- benefit to his church. I might tell you also, that if you areChristians indeed, then though your ungodly neighbours may have a right- ful civil property in Tnatty good things of the world, yet you have a better and sweeter interest in the earthly bles- sings which you possess. You can taste the love of a Father in them, and the kindness of a reconciled God. They are common beret to the world, but they are made as it were special blessings to, you, They are put into your hand by a 'better covenant : They are sancti- fied to your use : The world itself becotnes a means to raise your hearts towards God. And whereas wealth, and honoúrs, 'and the plenteous enjoyments of life, be- come a temptation and a snare to the wicked ; and, through the corruption oftheir natures, divide their souls