Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

120 THE CHRISTIANS TREASi1RE. [SER:uI, counsels of his Father's mercy, and his own kinddesigns for his chosen and redeemed people. And as the whole world of nature, and the present af- fairs of nations are managed by Christ,' for the good of the church; so the world ofgrace, and the affairs of his sanctuary, and his kingdoms on earth; are all ordained for the benefit of the saints. Christians, why did he separate you from the world, and call you out of the wilderness, and make you a chosen nation, a peculiar people? Was it not for your advantage? Why did he write his word? Why did he ordain ministers and holy institutions? Was it not for your edification ? Were .not the seals of the covenant given to assist your faith, by the aid of your senses, and by this means to inflame your love, and exalt your joy ? Are not the precepts of the word written to direct you in the way of duty? Are not the threatenings pronounced to awaken your fear, and guard you from sin and folly? And are not all the promises of the gospel given to comfort your souls, to support your spirits, and give a sweet taste ofglory be- fore-hand. Whatsoever temporal circumstances attend you in this present life, whether they are painful or pleasant, they are all the appointments of your heavenly Father for your real interest. Are you at peace in the midst of plenty, and sloes every thing around you smile upon you? It is that your hearts may be raised to thankfulness, and your lips tuned to praise. Do you labour under pain or sickness ? It is towean you from flesh and blood, to put you in mind that this tabernacle is falling, to awaken your hearts to insure abetter habitation on high. Do you want food or raiment ? It is to make you remem- ber that you are in the wilderness, and to call your me- ditations upward to your Father's house, where there is bread enough, and to spare. Are you scorned and re- viled by the basest of men? Are you persecuted or im- prisoned, and treated with rudeness or cruelty? It is to tryand prove your suffering graces, that your faith, cou- rage, and patience may shine as 'gold that has passed through the furnace; arc you called to seal the truth and testimony of Jesus with your blood ? It is to prepare you for the crowns of glory that are laid up for martyrs: