Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

226 TIM CPII.IS'TtAN'S*T.REASVFE. LSER11. XXXFI4. and to part With these possessions ? Can you, by com- plying with any temptation, provide yourself with such riches as these ; or with any thing that shall an- swer the loss of them? Sin and the world can promise you buta little, narrow share ofgood things: The gospel of Christ gives you a most extensive treasure, for it be- stows all things upon you. The world can make nothing secure, but the treasures of christianity are everlasting; they reach beyond the grave, into unknown worlds and ages. All the wealth, and pleasures, and enjoyments of this life perish with the using ; but your inheritance is ever upon the increase :" As fast as time and providence bring forth days, and seasons, and new scenes, so fast this treasure grows; arid you may receive the daily pro- fit ofit. What can sin and the world give you but what hath a secret curse in it ? These your treasures are sanctified blessings, and the foretastes of them are de- signed to assist you onward in the ways of holiness and peace, till you arrive at the brightest and sweetest part of them, the full enjoyment of (god and happiness in the upper world. Goon then, christians, with zeal and courage in the profession of-your faith : on with constancy in the practice of duty : Feed daily upon that portion of your inheritance, which your heavenly Father appoints to sustain you in your travels homeward ; and expect the rest in your Father's house. When the world would tempt you to foregoyour sacred interest in the gospel, by the alluring offer of any temporal enjoyments, tell the world, that " life and death, things present and things to come are yours already :'' Let the world know that Christ has engaged" and secured your heart for ever to thinnelf, by outbidding all that the world can offer : foi' he has written dawn and sealedyour title to a larger and richer inheritance, and annexed it to his own :- " Ye- are joint heirs with Christ. And he has appointed it to stand recorded in his holy book to the view of men and angels, that all things are yours." THE RECOLLECTION.. Adis it possible that so worthless a creature as f am, should be really entitled to all these blessings : Can it he true, that so rich an interest in the good things of time and eternity belongs to me ? To i ie,-'who am less