Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

( 129 ) SERMONXXXVIII THE CHRISTIAN's TREASURE. 1 Coe. iii. 21. All things are yours. THERE is nothing that a wise man can wish for in order to make him happy, but the gospel proposes it to encourage the faith and practice of christians. What honour is there to be enjoyed among the sons of men, that is wont to gratify our ambition, but the gospel as- sures us ofhigher honours than this, when it makes us the sons of God ? What pleasures are there to be tasted in the satisfaction of animal nature, but the gospel in- vites us to more refined, and more lasting pleasures, which are to be derived from the love of God, and the company of our Saviour with all his saints? What riches can be possessed or desired by the most covetous mind, but the gospel proposes a far more extensive, a more durable, and more useful treasure, when it tells us in the wordsof my text, all things are yours?" The former discourse has made it appear in what sense these words are to be understood : Not that we have a present possession of all things, a power over them, or a civil right to seize and enjoy them ; but the meaning is this, that so far as a christian can have any thing to do with the things of this world, or ofanother, things present, or to conic, they shall all be made to work together for his real good. It has been also proved in the Second place, that this inheritance of the saints is in- comparably richer, and more valuable than any thing which sinners can possess. I proceed now to the Third general proposed, and that is, to enquire how christians come to be partakers of so fair and rich, a treasure. VOL. I I. Z{