Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

SEEM. x (xvrILI THE CHRISTIAN'S TREASURE. 133 lege, by believing on the Son of God, by accepting, the covenant of his grace, by receiving Christ Jesus the Sa- viour, according to the appointed methods of the gospel. When a poor, destitute, guilty; and perishing creature is made willingby divine grace, to give up himself to Christ as his Saviour and his Lord, he is divested ofhis guilt, he is clothed with the robes of salvation, he is translated out of a state of sin, poverty, and wretchedness, into a state of rich grace, and becomes a child of God,- and an heir of all things. A living faith, which has all the springs of holiness in it, is ordained tó carry in it all the springs of treasure and felicity. This unites the soul to Christ, this gives a humble claim to all the blessings laid up in the eternal decrees and purposes of God ; blessings pur. chased by the blood of his Son Jesus; blessings promised in the word of the gospel, wherein all things are given for a possession to thetchildren of the Most High. IV. All things may be said to belong to the saints, or shall turn to their advantage, because the blessed Spirit is given them, to teach them to improve all things for their own benefit; 1 Cor. ii. 12. We have received the Spi- rit, which is ofGod, that we might know the things that are freely give; to us of God: And that not only that christians might know what their treasures are, but learn how to make right use of them too. They are taught by the Holy Spirit, to receive the common blessings of nature from the hands ofGod, as a Father and a Friend, and a God in covenant : And they rejoice in them as such, with humble thankfulness ; they are instructed to derive useful meditations from the sun, moon, and stars : and to read the wisdom, the power, and the glory of their . Creator, and their Father , there, and to rejoice in his goodness. The peaceful state of kingdoms, or battles, wars and earthquakes, and the con- vulsion of nations, are all made useful lessons to a child of God ; and he gains something from all of them, by the teachings of the blessed Spirit. The saints are led into an acquaintance with the word of God by the sanie Spirit too : They receive the pro- mises and directions of the gospel, through the influences of this Spirit. They derive light, holiness and comfort from every ,part of the book of God ; that is, from the x3