Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

152 THE RIGHT IMPROVEMENT OF tIFE. [SEEM. XXXIX, world make you the object of more public notice, either in a city, in a village, in a neighbourhood, or in any so- ciety ofmen, then like a candle or a torch set on a hill, you diffuse light and honour far around you, and God and the gospel are glorified on your account. And not only in the higher stations of life, but even servants of the lowest character, if they are but saints, "may adorn the doctrine of God their Saviour in all things," Titus ii. 10. It is greatly for the credit ofour holy religion, when the men of this world seeing our good works, are forced to confess that there is something divine in christianity, that God is amongst us of a truth; and by these means they are constrained to glorify our Father, and our Re- deemer, and our holy religion. This is the command of Christ, Mat. v. 16. 2. Hereby sinner4 are not only convinced that there is a power and glory in the doctrine of Christ, but many a soul has been converted to the faith ofJesus, by behold- ing the pious conversation, the heavenly graces, the holy love, the divine zeal, the constancy, the patience, and the sufferings of christians. The good women in St. Peter's days were exhorted to invite and draw their un- believing husbands to the faith and love of the gospel, " by beholding their chaste conversation, coupled with religious fear, and the ornament of a meek and quiet _spirit," 1 Pet. iii. 1 -4. Look forward, O christians, to the last great day, and think with what a pleasing joy you shall hear those who have been converted by your example, and reformed from a licentious course of life, declare this to your public honour before men and an- gels: Your holy example, though buried long in silence, shall have a glorious resurrection in that day, and the Judge himself shall proclaim it to your praise, that he used your piety here on earth, as an instrument of his grace to enlarge his kingdom. 3. Hereby christians of a lower form, and those that are babes in Christ, are awakened to a holy imitation of your superior virtues and graces. It was the continu- ance of St. Paul in this life, through the various stages of it, that recommended him as a pattern to the believers of his day, in all the various circumstances of their lives; and the longer he lived, the `more glorious example he left behind him, for the benefit of the saints, that they F