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SEAM. ELI THE PRIVILEGE OF THE LIVING, &C. 185 may humbly wait for a reward in proportion to the work, according to the encouragements of the bible, while we still acknowledge that it is free and sovereign grace both enables u's to hold out working, and bestows the rich re- ward." Amen. HYMN FOR SERMONXXXIX, THE RIGHT IMPROVEMENT OF LIFE. AND is this life prolonged to me ? Are days and seasons given ? Shall I not then prepare to be A fitter heir for heav'n ? I'll never let these moments pass. These goldeh hoursbe gone : Lord, I accept thy offer'd grace, I bow before thy throne. Now cleanse my soul from ev'ry sin By my Redeemer's blood: Pow let my flesh and heart begin The honours of my God. Let me no more my soul defile With sin's deceitful toys : Let cheerful hope increasing still. Approach to heavenly joys. My thankful lips shall loud proclaim The wonders of thy praise, And spread the savour of thy name Where'er I spend my days. On earth let my example shine : And when I leave this state, May heav'n receive this soul of mine To bliss divinely great. SERMON XL. THE PRIVILEGE OF THE LIVING ABOVE THE DEAD. I COR. lai. 21. -- Whether life or death, all are yours. WHEN these words were explained, this doctrine was drawn from the first part of them, viz. " When life is given or continued to the saints, it is for their advan- tage." The first thing proposed, in our meditations of this truth, was to make it appear by a variety of instances, that life is designed for the benefit of christians. I proceed now to the . Second, viz. to amplify and confirm this doctrine yet further, by representing what various graces may be ex- ercised on earth, which can have no place in heaven ; M3