Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

SERMONS. SERMONXXXI. HOLY FORTITUDE, OR REMEDIES AGAINST FEAR. 1 con. xvi. 13. Stand fast in the Faith, quit you like Men, be strong. IN the first ages of Christianity, the professors of the gospel had great need of divine courage, that they might stand the many shocks of opposition, reproach and vio- lence. The Corinthian heathens, though they were a polite and learned people, yet they were blind and ob- stinate in their own superstitions and idolatry,' and root- ed in the profane and vicious customs of their ancestors. It required a large stock of holy fortitude, to profess and practise a new religion among them, that ran counter to all their former opinions, and their manners. Therefore St. Paul, who planted the gospel in that city, calls upon his converts to shake off cowardice and fear, to stand firm and unmoved in the profession of their faith, to behave like men of war, like heroes, in the practice of christianity, and to exert all their strength of soul in this glorious work. Stand fastin the faith, quit you like men, be strong." It is true, we live not in a heathen country, among lewd and barbarous superstitions: The land where our lot is cast, is honoured with the christian name, and professes the religion of Jesús; yet let me tell you, in- fidelity is a growing temptation Of this age, the gospel of Christ Bath plentifulridicule thrown upon` it, by many of our neighbours that go under the name of christians, vol.,. 11. g