Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

SERIVI. XXXI.] OR RF.AIEDIES AGAINST FEAR. 7 drawn to the borders of a lie; nor must we be ashamed to let the world know that we are the devoted servants of truth. When some knavish or unjust practice has overspread city or a country, and become almost unit'ersal, we must dare to be honest in a cheating world; wë must maintain our righteousness, and let it shine in the midst of a deceitful age, though perhaps we maybe called scru- pulous fools. Ifwe happen to be engagéd in necessary business with persons who drink to excess, we , must boldly deny the imposed glass, we must secure our own sobriety, èven in the midst of drunkards, and as much as possible avoid their society: Nor should any scandalous names of puri- tan and precisian affright us from the paths of strict ho- liness. When we meet with gross affronts in the world, we may be made the scorn and jest, of all the company, if we decline the modish customsof satisfaction and bloody revenge; we may be charged with cowardice among the ruffians of the age; but a man of honour must have-con- rage to bear this charge, unless he will venture to run upon the sword of God which is drawn and, pointed against revenge, duelling, and murder. When the fashion of dress or visits, of salutations or entertainments, exceeds the bounds of modesty or tem- perance, or intrenches upon truth or religion, we must bravely dare to be unfashionable, and have no fellow- ship with any unfruitful works of darkness, .kph. v. I I. We must obey the great andholy God, rather thanCom- ply with the sinful customs of men. "'Tis brave to meet the world, stand fast among Whole crowds; and.not be carry'd with the'thraieg.* I grant that religion doth not consistin singularity, but there are some seasons when we must be singular, if we would be 'holy, and exert a sacred fortitude of soul, to secure ourselves from the defilements of the world. " Come out from among them, is the language of God, in such cases, touch not the unclean thing, and be ye separate, saith the Lord," 2, Cor. vi. 17. ITT. Another instance of necessary courage is, when 4