Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

( 18 ) SERMON XXXII. HALM FÓRTITUDE, OR REMEDIES AGAINST FEAR. 1 Cox. XVI. IS. Stand Fast in the Faith, quit you like men, be strong. HAVING described this holy temper of spirit, this for- titude both of the active and passive kind, and having set before you various occasions for its exercise in the çhris- tian life, I proceed now to the third thing which I pro- posed, and that is, to excite you by some engaging mo- tives, to seek after this temper; which is so necessary for a christian. I shall not enforce this from the light of nature, and from the mere laws of reason, which have beers joined with ambitious and selfish principles in someof the pagan heroes, and have influenced many a man, in the days of heathenism, to some great exploits of fortitude and fame. There is nothing in all the principles of natural religion, that makes themind brave and noble, but it receives high advancements and glorious efficacy from christianity. I would call you, First, To Cast your eyes on the noble patterns of cou- rage that you find in the New Testament. I do not in- vite you t6 meditate the examples of heathen warriors, but consider the example of christian heroes, your prede- cessors, who have stood fast in the faith, who have quit- ted themselves like men, in numerous and shining in- stances of active and passive courage. Look at the blessed apostles, Peter and John, when they rejoiced to suffer shame for the sake of Christ their Lord, and boldly told the council of priests, that they must preach the naine of Jesus, in opposition to their menaces They must obey God rather than men. Look- at St. Paul the most eminent christian hero Behold him in the midst of the Roman soldiers, and a violent multitude of unbelieving Jews. Hear how he acknowledges his exalted Saviour before captains and centurions, before king Agrippa, before Felix and Festus, who were two successive governors of Judea ! And with the same for - titude of soul he appeared before Caesar, at Rome, " I am not ashamed, says he, of the gospel of Christ,"