Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

PREFACE TO THIS EDITION. IT is truly remarked by Dr. JOHNSON', (speaking of our author), that " few men have left behind such purity of character, or such monuments of la- borious piety. He has provided instruction for all ages, from those who are lisping their first lessons, to the enlightened readers of Malebranche and Locke; he has left neither corporeal nor spiritual nature unexamined; he has taught the art of reasoning, and the science of the stars." Many of these pieces, however, are not of general interest, especially among those pious persons who are the chief admirers of Dr. WATTS. His school books, and books of science, are in great measure superseded by more modern publications, and later discoveries. His Logic and Improvement of the Mind are indeed invaluable; but these, as well as several other ofhis works, are already printed in every form and size. His Controversial Pieces are the least admired, and may be suffered to sleep in peace, unless soughtfor by a fezo curious minds, who delight in what the Doctor himself did notpolemical divinity. His SERMONS, and PRACTICAL PIECES, however, are unri- valled. It may be said of them, in. the language of a great author, " The critic ought to read themfor their G