Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

THE ATONEMENT OF CHRIST. (SEAM. XXXIV. I was dead, and the Son of God gave himself up to death, in order to raise me to life again. I was a traitor and an enemy, and he hath sustained the arrowsof the Al- mighty to reconcile me to his Father, and turn away his infinite indignation. Mygreat High-priest has offered up himself a bloody sacrifice for me, that my guilt might be forgiven, and cancelled for ever. Think, O my soul, study, contrive, speak, what wilt thou render to the Lord for such astonishing condescen- sion, and such unexampled grace. How wilt thou shew thy inestimable value of his atonement ? What does he require of thee, but to keep those garments clean, which he has washed in so rich a fountain as his own blood ? And shall I ever wilfully indulge the practice of sin again, and return to my .old defilements ? Shall I ever consent to break the law of my God ? Have I not seen the dread- ful nature and dismal effects of it, in the agonies and death of my dearest Lord ? What shall I do that I may never sin more ? Lord, I cannot preserve myself from the fatal infection, while I dwell in a world where sin reigns all around me, in a world that lies in wickedness; and while I am so nearly allied to flesh and blood, where folly, vice, and sin run through every vein to my heart. Jesus, I commit. myself afresh to thy care, thou wilt save the soul that thou hast purchased at so dear a rate ; thou wilt accept and save a returning penitent. Here I devote my life, myself, my flesh and spirit, and all my powers to thy obedience, and the purposes of thy glory, for ever and ever : My soul looks up to thee with an eye of humble confidence, andmy faith and hope rest on thy eyetlasting love. Amen.