Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

viii The PREFACE. but of admirable wifdom and difcretion, of perfet candor and great modefty. He foon became one of thofe, upon whom the fynod molt depended in the management of public affairs, and had a very large (hare in it. As a fpeaker, he was confidered as their greateft ornament : And it is very well known, that he maintained his character and efleem in thefe refpe&s, through the whole of that tedious courfe of debates, which afterwards fell in upon the point of chriflian liberty, even with thofe, who were the fierceft antagonifts to the caufe he efpoufed. i)li WHEN he had been nine years in Antrim, he received a call from the diffenting con- !'! gregation in Derry, who with great earneft- nefs follicited his removal thither. He was, indeed, fo generally admired, that it was natural, the molt confiderable congrega- tions fhould turn their eyes on him, in cafe of a vacancy : But this attempt was with- out fuccefs. He thought himfelf very hap- py in his fituation at Antrim, and that the great ends of his miniftry might be ferved as cffe livally there as any where elfe. He d loved his people, and had a pleafing pro- fpeli