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64 Of Repentance. S E R M. ments, and immediately entering upon the III actual performance of it; no more fafhioning U---r-.r ourfelves according to the former lulls in igno- rance, but as he that bath called us is holy, becoming holy in all manner of conver- fation *. To convince us of this, which I take to be a point of very great moment; let us, firft, confider the exprefs declarations of fcripture concerning it. The apoftle Paul difcourung of godly forrow, (and certainly none can have a better chara&er, it comprehends every good qualification of forrow for fin) Pays j-, it worketh repentance unto falvation not to be re- pented of ; not that it is repentance unto fal- vation, for he maketh a plain difference as between the means and the end ; the occa- fion or preparation and the effed. Befides, in a great many other pairages, a pious and virtuous life, a perfevering obedience and patient continuance in well doing, is the condition of our obtaining eternal life ; which indeed is contained in repentance, but not in forrow, confeffion of fin, or good inclina- tions. On the other hand, a vitious cha- rader and wicked behaviour, difqualifies men for the kingdom of God, whatever their griefs, humiliations, and pious delires, * x Pet. i. x5. t 2 Cor. vii. ¡A. and