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Of Repentance. 63 mite, that he will pardon iniquity, tranf S E R M. gr jiion, and in ; the hope of which, far III. from leffening the malignity of fin, in the view "^"--1 of a penitent, it increafes it rather, as the prophet lays, in the name of the Lord. Ezekiel xvi. 63. Thou 'halt remember, and be earned and coq founded, and never open thy mouth, becaufe of thy fame, when I ant paced towards thee for all that thou haft done. For thefe reafons, the confeffion of fin is often enjoin'd in fcripture, and great promi -' fes are made to the fincere perfomance of it ; yet the ftrefs is not laid on the performance itfelf, but the value of it depends on its ten- dency to a reformation, which, chiefly, is well - pleafing to God. The refult will certainly be a change of mind and affetions from evil to good, a difpofition to alter our courfe of aecion ; for it is altogether an iaconfflent fuppofition, that we fhould be forry for having offended, and acknowledge it with (ham; at the fame time refolving that we will continue in The fame courfe. But flill all thefe are only pre- parations for repentance, it is not finifh'd in them. It's true chara6Teriflic is a deliberate and refolved change of temper and behaviour ; a firm purpofe of amendment thoroughly exe- cuted; refolving to keep God's righteous judg- sncnts,