Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

xiv The PREFACE. IT will, I am perfuaded, be agreeable to many readers, to have fome farther ac- count of this record of his life, and his progrefs in cultivating good affe ±ions, and correcting whatfoever appeared amifs. But the defign of this preface does not admit of following him through the particulars of this kind, which would fwell it to a very great bulk. All that can be expeled, is, a general view of the defigns which he purfued, and his great application to ferve them ; to which it will not be improper to fubjoin force few paffages which (ball be faithfully trgnfcribed, that the reader may be able to form a juft idea of his fpirit. There are indeed very many which there is no occafion to infert here, for they contain his reafonings with himfelf upon religious fubjeds, and thefe are to be found in his fermons, where they are fet in the belt light. THE difcipline of the heart, is the great bufinefs which he appears in the whole of this diary to have purfued. His inqui- ries upon particular occafions into his own infirmities and defeäs, are very frequent. He relates the workings of his paflions, thefe