Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The PREFACE. xv thofe efpecially, which he apprehended had the afcendant in his natural complexion and temper, and by which he was in the great - eft danger of being betrayed into errors in conduft, with much exaftnefs, and many ufeful refletions upon them; with great care applying himfelf to find out the deceit - fitlnefs of fin, and to difcover that falfe co- louring of principles and affe &ions, which frequently impofes upon the unthinking and partial, and under the cover of which, bad difpofitions and actions often fhelter them- felves, indeed are recommended as virtuous. And as he was at pains to fortify himfelf by all proper means, againfi whatfoever might endanger that exalt integrity which was the fubje& of his confiant attention and care, fo where he was confcious of having failed in any infl:ance, he does particularly record it, and his exercife of repentance for it. And where he had aced his part hap - pily, and approved himfelf to his own heart, this is likewife fet down with proper re- fledions for his encouragement and effa- blifhment in virtue. Never fure was there a fcene where the various workings of the human heart, and the proper difcipline of it, are more fully and affctingly difplay'd. He