Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

Of Repentance. 87 ert their utmoft power, and ufe the greateft SE R M. diligence for it, confidering themfelves as IV guilty, and under a forfeiture. The impref -` lion of this has been fo ftrong on the minds of men, that . all nations; fenfible of having offended the Deity, have laboured to appeafe him, tho' for the molt part by methods very difagreeable to reafon, and to our molt natural notions of the fupreme Being. Re- pentance, indeed, is what the light of nature di&ates, and all men who confider it, are convinced it is abfolutely neceffary to a re- conciliation ; but an exprefs affurance from God, that it will be accepted, muff be ac- knowledged an invaluable advantage; and this we have by the chriftian revelation. For however the divine goodnefs manifefted by its liberal effects, and extending to all kinds of beings who are capable objelts of it, might induce us to hope that God will be favourable to penitents, and make a dif- ference between the obftinately wicked and imperfectly good, who in the general tenor of their actions fincerely do what is lawful and right, tho' not without a mixture of in- firmities; yet, Rill there might remain a fufpicion that the wife governor of the world might fee it it to inflict fome degrees G,4 of