Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The PREFACE. xvib love to, and concern for the flock to whom he miniftred, which he laboured above all things to preferve upon his mind. But he often reviews thefe fervices with great fatisfa Lion and pleafure, expreffing much joy in the exercife of the beft affections and confidence of divine acceptance. In one part of the diary he concludes his reflections with thefe words : " The great difference I " find in my mind, as to clearnefs and con- " fufion of thought, fometimes feized with " fwch languor and indifpofition, fuch ftu- " pidity and barrennefs, I can have no dif- " tinct perceptions, I cannot think with " any relifh ; at other times I find fuch " furprifing vigour and freedom of fpirit, fuch ftrongly affecting views of thofe " things, which before were covered with thick darknefs, and this attended with the greateít pleafure, that I feem to my- " felf quite another perfon ; this difference, " 'I fay, I cannot account for. I know not the dependance the foul has upon the " body, and how far the temper of the " one may be affected by the fiate of the " other ; but for the mind itfelf, furely `c fuch changes do not depend upon choice, VOL. I. b " or