Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

xviii T h e P R E F A C E . " or an a61 of the will, here another caute " mull be acknowledged." BESIDES the daily fervices of the clofet, it appears from his diary, that he frequently Phut himfelf up the whole day, which he fpent in prayer, reading the fcriptures, and religious meditation. Thefe days he often marks, as very entertaining and ufeful to him ; and the exercifes of his mind, with refpel to the Elate of his own foul, that of his family, his congregation, and the pub- lic interefl, are all fet down, in which fuch a fpirit of piety and charity breathes, as is rarely to be met with. THE reader will, I believe, be pleafed with an account of the reafons of his fpend- ing fo much time in the fecret exercifes of devotion, in his own words, which are as follow: " I have refolved to fet apart this " day for the folemn exercifes of devotion; " not that I place religion in fuch things, " for certainly it confills in a conformity of the habitual difpofition of the mind to " the will of God, and an uniform tenor C` of converfation. When I was a child in e` religion (that is, beginning to be ferious) "'many