Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

xxxiv The P R .E F 11 C E. converfation always turned principally upon matters relating to practice, and which might tend to edification. IN the public fervice he followed the rules then ufually obferved in the north ; Ex- pounding fome portion of fcripture, and preaching twice every Lord's day. On wednefday he always preached a fermon after which he fpent fome time in converting with the members of the feffion, about the Rate of the congregation ; and inquiring into any public fcandals, which were laid before them, according to the rules of dif- cipline obferved amongft the Diffenters, in which he was very exact. IN the year 1716, in purfuance of a project which had been long in his thoughts, he applied himfelf to labour among the na- tive Ir «h, in the neighbourhood of Antrim, who were (almoft univerfally) of the popifh perfuafion, to try if their prejudices would be removed, and they might be brought to embrace the proteftant religion. His heart was very much fet upon the execution of this defign; and for a confiderable time he managed it alone. He went frequently to Lough-