Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The PREFACE. xxxw Laughfide, a place in the neighbourhood, where the greateft numbers of them lived ; invited them to public lectures, which were appointed in the moil: convenient places. for their attendance ; went from houle to houle among them, and where they would ad- mit of it, converted freely with them, la- bouring to convince them of their errors, When he had continued in this courfe fome time, he had fuch encouragement from their attendance upon public worfhip, and the good impreffions made upon tome of them, that he defired the affiftance of the minifters of the neighbourhood in carrying on the de- fign, and with their help continued this at- tempt for a confiderable time. Sermons were frequently preached, and much time fpent in private converfation with the frith. There is nothing more frequently taken notice of in his diary than this affair, which he often very warmly and affeEtionately recommends to the divine care and bleffing. Nor did he ever exprefs greater zeal in any thing, than propagating the true proteflant principles, and delivering men from papal, and all other ecciefraftical tyranny, together with the un- happy prejudices on the one hand, and en- fnaring arts on the other, by which it is c 2 fuppor ted.