Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The P R E F A C E. xxxvii ed that he gave much of his time to his people. IT is likewife known, that he had, very early in life, a large fhare in the manage- ment of the public affairs and bufinefs of the diffenters, and was obliged to be fre- quently abroad upon that account. His confiant attendance at the Elated meetings of his brethren took up much time; and, if any thing happened extraordinary that concerned the public interefl, he was al- ways celled upon as one, upon whofe dif- cretion in counfel, and diligence in execu- tion, his brethren had an intire depen- dance. And it will appear, from the ac- count to be given immediately, that his engagements and bufinefs of this kind mull be fuppofed greatly to increafe, when the debates concerning the power of the church, and chriflian liberty, were brought into the fynod. He was always looked upon as at the head of that party, which efpoufed the caufe of liberty, and had a principal fhare in conducing the counfels of his friends, with refpell to the public debates : In the bufinefs of their private focieties, he la- boured with great diligence, wrote many c 3 papers