Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The P REFACE. fupported. His labours among the Ir) were not without fuccefs. Several were prevailed upon and embraced the proteftant religion. Some of thefe did indeed return to the pro- feflion of popery ; others continued firm to proteftant principles, and gave good evidence of being fincerely religious. IT will appear to the reader from the accounts already given, that Mr. Abernethy was a perfon of unwearied application and diligence. But no one who was not well acquainted with him, could imagine how little time he loft. It appears from his diary, that he very particularly knew the Rate and charmer of thofe who were under his paftoral care. They had always ready ac- cefs to him. He carefully vifited the fick; and his people had fo high an opinion of his wifdom, that in all difficulties and per- plexing cafes, he was their refuge. He was ready with a molt friendly fpirit to afìiift in their counfels, and had a very uncommon dexterity in conduEling aft-airs. He thought it not beneath him to ferve the meaneft of them, when he had an opportunity of doing good. From this it will be readily conclud- ed