Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

Iiv The PREFACE. ably. A man of a bold and refolved fpirit, and who could not give way to any human authority in religious matters, but followed Readily the conviction of his own judgment. He was a laborious and ferious preacher. He beftowed much pains in compofing his fermons, and always Rudied to do honour to his Ration and character. He maintained a great and firm mind in very afflicting cir- cumfances, which attended an unweildy body, and full of diforders, for many years. This confined him much, and rendered him incapable of thofe fervices for which he was in other refpeds very well qualified. He was much efleemed in the Belfall- fociety, and very zealous in their caufe. Ma. Shaw was a gentleman who could not be known without being beloved. He had an education fuitable to his genteel pa- rentage. He had the greateft fweetnefs and cheerfulnefs of temper, happily joined with a gravity which became his character, and fat eafy upon him. He was much and juftly admired for prudence and difcretion in his conduct. Not batty in refolving, and very diligent to fatisfy himfelf thoroughly in the reafons upon which he acted. But of