Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The PREFACE. hi: He was a moll: acceptable preacher, and had a wondrous faculty cf expreffing him - felf, even upon the moft difficult and ab- ftra&ed fubjefts, in a manner that was plain and eafy to the apprehenfion of his hearers. And his way of thinking was fo clear, and his memory fo Strong, that tho' he did not write . his fermons (which his friends now regret as a very fenfible lofs) yet he delivered himfelf in a corred Style, and without any confufion. He was capable of rifing into great warmth, but the moft diftant poffible from the un- reafonable wildneffes of enthufiafm. His Strong reafoning, enlivened by the zeal of his spirit, (which never difcovered itfeif but in matters truly important) made deep im- preffions upon his hearers. It was apparent he felt the power of the facred truth which he taught : And as he was a man of the greateft simplicity of fpirit in declaring the truth, fo he was of the greateft firmnefs in defending it; not to be fway'd by any au- thority, or daunted by any oppofition. MR. Taylor was a man of found judg- ment, and very confiderable knowledge, He was a weighty fpeaker, and could mix the argnmentative and pathetic very agree, d 3 ably,