Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The PREFACE. lix determining that thofe minifters, who, at the time of this rupture, and for force years before, were known by the name of Nonfubfcribers, fhould be no longer of their body. I do not mean, I fay, to write a hiftory of thefe debates (there is a very full one in the narrative publifhed by the Non- fubfcribers, to which I refer the reader) but only to give a fhort account of the part Mr. Abernethy aEted in them, and of his fentiments concerning them. Yet it may not be improper, for the fake of fuch readers as are altogether ftrangers to thefe matters, to Phew what the avowed principles of the Nonfubfcribers were, about which the con- troverfy was raifed. Thefe principles are contained in force propofitions publifhed in their Narrative, which may be abridged in a very few words, viz. Fir]l, That our Lord Jefus Chrift hath in the New Tefla- ment determined and fixed the terms of communion in his church. That all chrif tians who comply with thefe, have a right to communion ; and that no man, or fet of men, have power to add any other terms to thofe fettled in the gofpel. Secondly, That it is not neceffary, as an evidence of found - nefs in the faith, that candidates for the miniflry