Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

lx The PREFACE. miniftry fhould fubfcribe the Weflfninfer Confeffion, or any uninfpired form of arti- cles, or confeflion of faith, as the term up- on which they fhall be admitted. And that no church has a right to impofe fuch fub- fcription upon them. Thirdly, That to call upon men to make declarations concern- ing their faith, upon the penalty of cutting them off from communion, if they fhould refufe it; and this merely upon fufpicions and jealoufies, while the perfons required to purge themfelves by fuch declarations, can- not be fairly convicted upon evidence, of any error or herefy, is to exercife an ex- orbitant and arbitrary power, and is really an inquifition. Thefe are the main princi- ples of the Nonfubfcribers. They will be found explained at large in their narrative, from pag. 185, to 188. BUT the reader is not to imagine, that all the minifters of the fynod denied all thefe propofitions, and held the contradic- tory to them : For, with refpe ± to the firft, tho' it is the main foundation upon which the Nonfubfcribers built, yet it is what all agree in ; no one pleading, that there is any power in the church to make new