Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The PREFACE. lxi new laws or terms of communion ; tho' it has been often pleaded, that church judi- catories have authority to judge concerning the fenfe and meaning of thofe terms which our Saviour has fixed. But the main de- bates were concerning the other propofi- tions; and the reader will readily conjeIure, that, with refpe& to thofe likewife, all who were of the fubfcribing fide, might not be of one mind in every particular, efpecially as to the importance of them : But they univerfally went into the demand of fubfcription, which the others oppofed. ALL who know any thing of church- hiftory, know, that no debates in the world have been kçener or more obftinate, than thofe concerning matters of religion. The natural paffions of the human heart are great- ly enflamed by zeal, for what is believed to be the caufe of truth and of God ; and intemperate heat may eafily pafs upon the partial and lefs difcerning, and be indulged as a highly commendable virtue. The de-. bates in the general fynod, and in other affemblies of miniflers upon the prefent oc- cafion, were very warm, and abundantly fruitful of moft unhappy confequences. BEFORE