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The PREFACE, lxxb ants by fuch legal incapacities, is a great error in politics, and cannot but weaken the proteflant intereft, and, in confequence of that, be a real lofs and dif-fervice to the government. This paper was written with much fpirit and ftrength of argument. But arguments are feeble things when fet in op- pofition to the views and interefts of parties. The defign mifcarried. MR. Abernethy continued his labours in Wood flreet for ten years, with much repu- tation, and found himfelf very happy in the fociety of his friends, who held him in the higheft efleem. He did not indeed go much into mixed company when the bufi- nefs of his Ration did not call him to it; and often faid, as converfation was gene- rally conducted, he had little fatisfation in it. He therefore Raid much at home, and applied himfelf to Rudy. This was not owing to any thing four or unfociable in his temper, for he had a tafte for con - verfation, and was of a molt cheerful, as well as affe tionate fpirit ; but to a per - fuafion that much of the time (pent in company was loft, at leaft, might be much better employ'd. And that when a habit of pafling time in a trifling manner was contraIed,