Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

lx.Kg T7e P R E P A C P. contraled, it mutt have bad effefts upon the mind, unbending it too much, and be- getting an indolence by which men were rendered averfe to application, and in force meafure incapable of it. He thought that, of all men, minifters had moft reafon to guard againft this, as it was more parti- cularly their duty to preferve the mind al- ways in an aptitude for the bell exercifes, and avoid every thing which had a tendency to diffipate the vigor of it. Obferving like - wife, that where the tafle of the company was fuch, that they could not manage con - verfation fo as to render it worthy of men of fenfe, and good affections, that dignity of character which they ought always carefully to maintain, muff fuffer by it. To this it may be added, that, as in the prefent age model{ merit is not very apt to be much fought after by the great, fo no man ever lefs affeded to put himfelf in the way of fuch than Mr. Abernethy, tho' few better qualified for their acquaintance, or more efleemed by thofe to whom he was known. He accounted it a great error, and which fpoke a little mind, to court them with fuch humble application as forne are Peen to do. His confiant aim was to do good