Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

Ì>>e PREFACE. lxxxi good and adorn his own flation, and it was no pain to him to be in the greateft ob- fcurity which was confiftent with this. Had he ever fuffered himfelf to be con- du'ed by other views, he might have very rea- fonably hoped to have appeared in that light, which in the fenfe of many, is the great thing to be contended for. But as he chofe the Ration of a diffenting minifler, of which he never repented ; fo he was perfetly fa- tisfied with thofe circumftances which ufu- ally attend it, which indeed place men quite out of fight, where wealth and fpindor are the principal objeas of attention. IT may perhaps much more amaze the reader, that he fo long delayed making him - felf known to the learned world ; in which it is apparent, from what is already publi(h- ed, he might have appeared with the great - eft reputation. It was very late in life, be- fore he appeared in it at all ; otherwife, than by a few occafional fermons, and the papers he publifhed in the controverfies in the north. This thews that name and chara6ter were not the things for which he laboured And as modefly generally waits upon true Vo L. 1. f greatness