Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

x ob Of Chriflian Fortitude. SERM. apt to work upon their fear, or their mot{ IV. prevailing felfifh inclinations. It is of confe- L`v quence to us, that we hold on in a religious way, that we endure to the end (to thofe only who do fo, falvation is promifed). Then certainly we fhould fortify our minds againli temptation by firm purpofes ; we (hall find the firmeft we can enter into weak enough, often too weak, and we ought never to truft entirely to them ; but how defence- lefs muff they be who have never come to any fix'd refolution at all ? how eafily will they be drawn afide to finful and crooked ways ? Thirdly, the virtue which the apoftle here exhorts us to add to our faith, imports bear- ing trials, uneafinefs and fatigues with equa- nimity. This feems to be principally meant by fortitude. He who fights manfully, does not fhrink or give back at every wound, much lefs for threatening or danger, but muff maintain his Ration and go on in his courfe, refolving to conquer. This exhortation St, Paul gives to Timothy *, and it is necef- fary for all chriftians, Thou therefore en- dure hardfhz s as a good foldier of JefU * z Tim. ii. 3. Crifl.