Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Of Chrifiian Fortitude. t o7 Chr. It is not an infenfibility of pain or SERM. hardfhips he prefcribes, which cannot be at- IV. tained, and there would be no virtue in it; but v whatever uneafinefs we may have on trial of any kind, to fubmit to it, and bear patiently, rather than draw back.. A chriftian has the fame fenfe of pleafure, profit, and honour with other men : And yet he bravely denies them. He has the fame feeling of pain, and yet he is not moved by it to forfake his duty ; and herein he alts reafonably, for the tendency of fuch difagreeable fenfations is over -ruled by fuperior motives ; he fees fuch an excellence in religion, finds fuch an inward peace and comfort in his integrity and the teftimony of his confcience concerning it, has fuch a folid joy in the profpet of a future glorious re- ward, as is fufficient to bear him up under all his prefent uneafinefs. Here, then, is the exercife of religious fortitude ; we muff not be (hocked with the difficulties of the prefent Rate, fo foftened with its pleafures, or terrified with its pains, as to fuffer our - felves to be diverted from our duty ; but go on conftantly in the ways of God whatever it may colt us. As the love of pleafure, and the fear of pain are the great fources of tempt4tion infeparable from our prefent Rate af