Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

io8 Of Chr /ian Fortitude. SERM. of infirmity, nothing can be of greater code - IV. quence to us than to be fortified againft them, L -Y^Jif we would approve ourfelves the faithful fervants and foldiers of Jefus Chrift. The apoftie therefore very reafonably gives this the firft place in his chriftian directory, becaufe it is an univerfal defence againft temptations, and a neceffary fecurity to every virtue. I dull conclude this difcourfe, with an ex- hortation to that peculiar virtue here recom, mended, which I have endeavoured to ex, plain, having a regard to the conneftion of the apoftle's difcourfe. In general, it is to be obferved that he earneftly preffes chrif}ians to add to their faith all the parts of praátical chriftianity, which was very neceffary to his purpofe, and fuitable to the occafion of his epiftle. A moft dangerous error had crept in among forne of the yews who profeffed the Gofpel, that fäith alone without works of righteoufnefs and charity, was fufficient to juftification and acceptance with God. St, James levels a great part of his excellent epiftle directed to the fame perfons, the yews fth4 difßerfion, againft this moft pernicious doc- trine, and largely demonftrates that we are juftified not by faith only, but by works ado. St. Peter therefore being fenfible how need-, ful