Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Of Knowledge. II the profef ion of out faith, and that courfe of SERM, adtion which it directs. Secondly, the apoftle V. exhorts us to add to our virtue knowledge ;L'-'1"" which is the point I am now to confider. And that you may be the more fenfible of its importance, it ought to be remembered that it is very frequently enjoined in fcripture. It feems to be the principal fubjedt of the book of Proverbs, where the wife man often in- culcates this direction, at the fame time he reprefents the invaluable advantage whichwill attend the acquifition of it, and the belt and meft effedtual means for attaining it Any one who reads that book with attention, can- not but obferve that knowledge is in Solomon's account abfolutely neceßäry to the pradice of every virtue ; indeed, of its very effence ; for he ufually comprehends all virtue under the name of wifdom, knowledge, underftanding, and difcretion. And fo it will appear to be, if we confider the nature of the thing. Por as virtue is peculiar to rational creatures, the exercife of it depends on the exercife of reafon, or underftanding ; without which no one conceives any moral goodnefs in a perfon's difpofitions, or his works. Chriftianity, therefore, an inftitution of tighteoufnefs and pure religion, is addrefs'd to I a the