Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

116 Of Knowledge. SERM. the reafon of men. The bleíhed author of V. it having propofed truths of the greateft im- portance and the molt excellent rules of fife, muff be fuppofed to require that we íhould apply our minds to the underftanding of them ; accordingly he frequently fhews the evil of ignorance, infifts on the criminal caufes of it, and uards his difciples againfl them, exhorting them to fearch the fcrip- tures diligently, and to do their duty that they might know the will of God. After him, the apoftles earneftly prefs chriftians to la- hour afhduoufly in this moll neceífary work; to prove all things by the unerring rule, and ufe all other proper methods for their daily ad- vancing in facred knowledge. And to all their exhortations, they add fervent prayers and direct us to pray, for the illumination of the Holy Spirit. Of fo great ufe and ne- ccf ity is knowledge to the pra ±ice of reli- gion, and the regular condu& of a virtuous life: Indeed any one who reflefts on the na- ture of religion and the extent of it, the weak - nets of our underftandings, and the many difadvantages we are under in this imperfe& Rate, will be convinced that we ought to give all diligence that we may add to our faith, virtue, and to virtue, knowledge. In