Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

13 2 Of _knowledge. SERM. viour's fimilitude, which he applies to fome- . what a different purpofe *, If any man walk J in the day he fiumbleth not, becaufe he .feeth the light of this world ; but if Ise walk in the night he flumbleth becaufe he bath no light in him. In fine, by all the üeceßitythat lies upon us to go on to perfection in holinefs, to a thorough habitual purity, and uprightnefs of mind, refembling the original fanäity of the divine nature, to an univerfal righteouf- nefs and goodnefs, to an effablifhed firmnefs and conffancy in the chriftian profeffion and pra ice, to a prevailing integrity of intention, which (hall dìree the whole tenor of our life and adions, and to fuch confirm'd ha- bits of religious virtue as (hall make good works, the proper fruits of them, pleafant, eafy; and in force fenfe natural ; I fay, by all the neceffity that lies upon us to go on to perfection in holinefs, we are urged to a per levering diligence that we may grow in know- ledge, as the true and regular foundation of it ; to, folúw'on to know the Lord, as the pro- phet (peaks -f-, Then Jhall we know him. Without this we may grow in the delufions and vanity of enthufiafm, we may grow in á John xi. 9, io. 1- Hof. vi. 3. fu-