Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Of Knowledge. auperflition, in prefumptuous confidence, we may embolden ourfelves, and edify one ano- ther in fin, for St. Paul fpeaks of fuch edifi- cation*, but we *cannot grow in zeal and pure religion. I fhail conclude this head with the excellent words of Solomon, which fhow the great advantage of religious knowledge f. My Son eat thou honey, becaufe it is good, and the honey -comb which is jiveet to thy tale, fo flail the knowledge of 7e; Won be to thy jòul, when thou haft fòunrl it there (hall be a re- ward, and thy expedation ,/hall not be cut I am in the Third place to propofe fome directions for our attaining ufeful and falutary knowledge ; and the firfl is, a high efteem of it. If it be pleafant to our fouls, if we have a juft fenfe of its excellency, and thus our of feftions are captivated to it it is the bell pre- paration of mind we can have for this molt important acquit tion. Solomon, therefore, in the beginning of his book of Proverbs enlarges fo much on the dignity and excellence of wifdom, that he may engage men to fall in love with it, and that from fo juft à princi- ple they may be determined to the confiant * a Çor. viii. to. t Prov. xxiv. 15, iq,. K 3 and 133 SERM. --v-- V