Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

141- Of Temperance. SERM. henfive divifion of the vertues, takes in the VI. government of all our felfifh affedions and `---v°' paflions ; it includes humility, modefty, chat ify; and what is more ilridly call'd tem- perance or moderation in the defire, and in the ufe of meat and drink. There is no one fo ignorant or fo ftupidiy vicious as not to ac- knowledge, if hé confiders at all, that it is excellent and praife- worthy for a man in all thefe inftances mentioned to preferve the fa- periority and freedom of his own mind, to have the dominion overhis lower affedions and paffions, or to fpeak in the language of the fcripture, to follow the direelion of the Law in the grind, rather than that of the members; or of the fpirit, rather than that of the ,lef, and its tuffs Which war againf the fzl. It would feem reafonable in this text to un- derffand temperance in a large extent, be- caufe the apoftlé here gives an abridgment of praElical chriflianity, of which the govern- ment of all our fenfüaI affec`lions and pafiions is an important part, not contain'd in any other branch of our duty which he mentions; only, that reftraining the fear of man which brings a ¡ izare, is imported in virtue, or re- Egious fortitude; and patience implies fup- prefling