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Of Temperance. .1445 pref ling immoderate forrow and dejection of SEAM. mind on account of the calamities of life ; but VI. the due regulation of our defires towards out -`'Y"4 ward enjoyments in the whole compafs of them, which is a very comprehenfive "chriftian virtue, feems to be by the apoftle compre-. hended in temperance. I (hall, therefore, endeavour, in the fiyi place, to explain this virtue ; and then propofe fome motives to the practice of it, thefe efpecially, which are infifted on in the gofpel. the virtue itfelf, and wherein it conf fts, will be eafily underftood by any one who at- tends to the prefent conftitution of human nature and what our experience will obvioufly fuggeft to us. The Author of our being has planted in us defires towards thofe objefts which are neceffary to the prefervation and conveniency of life, and pafiions which ex- cite us to fuch action as is ufeful for our own fafety ; and herein his wifdom and good - nefs appears, making. provifion for the con- tinuance, the comfort, and all the purpofes of our exiftence in this world. But, as the higheft ends of our being are not cdnfined to the prefent Rate, and the fame wife Creator has indued us with nobler powers and affec- tions, by which we are determined to the VOL. IL L purfuit