Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

174 Of Patience. SERM, wherein himfelf reprefents them, under the VII. notion of a yoke, it will appear we have ' " ' need of patience in keeping them ; for tho' the difficulty does not arife from the precepts themfelves, which are not grievous, but molt fuitable to a rational nature, tending to our higheft perfeéion and happinefs, yet a diffi- culty there is, occafioned by many and vio- lent temptations, and by the infirmities of our own minds in this, imperfect i { ate, which it will require the firmeft refolution and con - ftancy to overcome ; and whilft we are, by the vigorous endeavours of a holy life, feeking glory, honour, and immortality, purfuing the end of faith, the falvation of our fouls, and when by the appointment of providence we have difficulties to overcome in our pre - fent Rate of difcipline and improvement, tran- quility and contentednefs of mind, that is, patience, is very neceffary to our oppofing. thofe ` difficulties fuccefsfully, and is a duty we owe to the fovereignty, wifdom and goodnefs of our heavenly Father, who has . fixed us in fuch a militant condition. Secondly, the future reward is at a diftance, and here we walk by f aitb, and not by fght.. Many and important changes there muff be, which to minds judging according to fenfe, fee