Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.2

Of Patience. 171 Teem even incredible; the foul muft pats SERM. into a feparate Rate, of which, with its ex- VII. ercifes and entertainments, we can form but`"' a very confuted idea. The body dies and is laid in the grave, it returns to its earth, and according to outward appearance, and the ordinary courfe of things, Teems to be irre- coverably loft. This mortal muft afterwards put on, by the immediate power of God, immortality ; and this corruptible put on incorruption. Thefe things are not feen, they are only apprehended by faith in the promifes of God. But if they are really be- lieved, one would think the believer fhould long for them with great earneftnefs, and that the diftance of them fhould be a great trial of his patience : So glorious is the ex- peEted change in the Rate both of his mind and his body, from very weak and imperfeft, to thehigheftperfec'tion and happinefs ofboth; fuch as eye bath not feen, nor ear heard, nor bath it entered into the heart of man. Pa- tience, therefore muff neceffarily accompany our hope, as the apoftle teaches *, We are faved by hope, but hope that is feen is not ,hope, fir what ä man feeth why doth he yet hope fir? ? 'but if we hope for what we fee not, * Rom. viii. 24. then